No Place for Bravery Announced

Developer Glitch Factory and publisher Ysbryd Games announce No Place for Bravery, a top-down, 2D action/RPG coming to PC and switch later this year. The Windows edition will be coming to Steam, and it's currently available for wishlisting if you so wish. The Announcement Trailer offers a look at the game's distinctive pixel art graphics and a listen to its unusual soundtrack. Read on for more — if you have the courage:
Feel the weight of sword, shield, and guilt once more on a journey to find Thorn’s long-lost daughter Leaf and uncover the truth of her disappearance. Aided by Phid, Thorn’sfoster son, walk the path to redemption through a devastated high-fantasy world that chews up hope and demands the hardest choices.

Channel the bloody memories of past battles to slash, block, and parry in fast-paced, demanding combat. Stand up to unrelenting foes and titanic bosses who hit hardest after an ill-timed dodge or depleted stamina. Dash out of danger’s way and redirect the flow of combat in Thorn’s favor, or adjust difficulty options to leisurely enjoy the narrative.

A painstakingly detailed pixel art world bears down on Thorn while the melancholic soundtrack of ancient struggle judges his every decision. Inspired by the real-world experiences of the development team and their own parenthood, No Place for Bravery examines the role of parents and the consequences of their choices on their children.