Final Fantasy VII and Alan Wake Remake EGS Listings Spotted

A tweet from Wario64 reveals discoveries datamined from the Epic Games Store. These apparently reveal previously announced plans to bring remakes of Final Fantasy VII and Alan Wake to PC. Here's a summary of the news from Gematsu:
Both titles are listed as code-names (“Pineapple QA” for Final Fantasy VII Remake, and “HeronStaging” for Alan Wake Remastered), but the “CloudSaveFolder” property reveals the true identity of each title:

  • “Pineapple QA” – “{UserDir}/My Games/FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE/EOS/{EpicID}/”
  • “HeronStaging” – “{UserDir}/Remedy/AlanWakeRemastered/”

The final trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the newly launched PlayStation 5 version of Final Fantasy VII Remake, revealed the game will only be available on PlayStation 5 for at least six months before it is available on any other format, meaning that a PC version could release as early as December 10.