Roguebook Released

Roguebook is now available for windows on Steam, offering a roguelike deckbuilder from developer Abrakam Entertainment and publisher Nacon. The headline here is the participation of designer Richard Garfield. Richard has a little to say about this type of game, as he is the designer of Magic: The Gathering. Here's a Launch Trailer, and here's the description of the game:
The ancients speak of a Book written since time immemorial containing all the world's legends. After many fabulous adventures, recounted in Faeria – Chronicles of Gagana, this relic was lost in a well of Faeria. Through contact with this source of magic, the Book developed a wicked free will of its own and became the Roguebook!

You are trapped in the Book of Lore of Faeria, and each page represents a new challenge. Lead your two heroes to victory in this roguelike deckbuilder developed in partnership with Richard Garfield, creator of Magic: The Gathering™. Put together the best synergies between cards, relics and abilities, and take on the Roguebook.