Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Early Access

Early Access to Police Simulator: Patrol Officers is now underway on Steam, allowing the chance to protect and serve in a law enforcement game. The Release Trailer features a look at gameplay, and this Early Access Roadmap will keep track of the project up until its official release. Be careful out there people. Here are some details:
In Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, players can choose from a total of 8 different characters and slip into the role of a male or female US police officer. In this role, they go on patrol in the first city district of the fictional US metropolis of Brighton. They start in the neighborhood of North Point, where they collect shift points and duty stars by completing their first shifts and patrols, which in the course of the game will give them access to four more neighborhoods as well as new tasks and equipment. Initially they will patrol the streets on foot to look out for parking offenders, speeders and suspicious persons. With a good work performance officers can soon get behind the wheel of the first patrol car included in the game as well.