Chivalry 2 will Double in Size for Free

Though Chivalry 2 is out in the wild now following last week's release of the medieval combat sequel. But developer Torn Banner Studios is not done with the base version of the game yet. Word is there are plans to add additional content for free which will eventually double the size of the game. Here's a bit on a new Developer Diary #3 Video explaining these plans:
Join Torn Banner Studios CEO and Chivalry 2 Creative Director Steve Piggott along with development leads for an exciting look at in-progress post-launch content first revealed on the PC Gaming Show 2021. Take a tour through the brand-new Team Objective map Galencourt, complete with lavish high medieval times architecture and destroyable ships – and enjoy highlights of what’s to come with new weapons, a new fighting style with mounted horse combat, and more.