Lakeburg Legacies Announced

Ishtar Games announces Lakeburg Legacies, a village management sim coming to PC this year via Steam. The Reveal Trailer shows off the game's medieval setting and hand-drawn art. It also shows those hoping for hacking and slashing are out of luck, as this is a far more sociable affair. Here's more:
Building a thriving kingdom starts with its people. Lakeburg Legacies is a 'light' management sim with a social twist inviting players to take control of their very own kingdom. Not only will you manage its resources and growth - but also play matchmaker by pairing their townsfolks' personalities, attributes and dreams to build an unshakeable lineage.

Every playthrough of Lakeburg Legacies is unique thanks to procedurally generated townsfolk and randomised events that require players to make tough decisions for the good of their kingdom - or it's demise.