EVE Online Getting EVE Academy

CCP Games announces the launch of EVE Academy, a new website to ease the new player experience in EVE Online, the ruthless sci-fi RPG. The game can be hard on new players, so here's hoping this toughens them for battle, rather than tenderizes them for the grinder. Here's a Welcome to EVE Academy Trailer and more:
Created with input from EVE players with expertise in the game’s different professions and specializations, EVE Academy contains vital information about the game’s varied mechanics and intricate systems all in one easy-to-navigate location, making the galaxy-spanning MMO more accessible to new players. After deciding on a career path in EVE Academy, Capsuleers should be well-equipped with everything they need to confidently explore the vast universe of New Eden.

EVE Academy helps players:

  • Get Started: With information on character creation, the onboard AI “Aura”, and the available career paths.
  • Find a Path: EVE Academy outlines four distinct career paths, each offering a different experience for Capsuleers.
  • Jump into Activities: Whether pilots are looking to get involved in the massive player-vs-player battles, explore New Eden’s 8,000 solar systems, build an industrial corporation, or join one of the NPC empires, EVE Academy gives Capsuleers a place to start their journey across the stars.
  • Set Goals and Aspirations: EVE Academy offers a variety of achievable goals to those who are looking for guidance. With EVE Academy, players of all skill levels can explore new paths and quickly master the game’s intricate systems.

Each of these career paths will be updated with more content over time that will benefit new and returning players.