Devolver MaxPass+

Devolver Digital announces Devolver MaxPass+, a new free subscription plan that "ushers In new era of monetization as a service." This once again shows one would be hard-pressed to find a gaming company having more fun with the way game business is conducted than Devolver. Here's a MaxPass+ Video Showcase, and here's some hardcore mockery:
Devolver Digital Inc., unsanctioned publisher of weapons-grade video games, continued to revolutionize the video games industry with its latest online auto sensory extravaganza earlier today. The over-enthusiastic label revealed Devolver MaxPass+, a completely free subscription service that offers the entire Devolver Digital catalog - including all future titles - as exclusive, premium purchases.

Devolver MaxPass+ is a groundbreaking new way to keep consumers paying for content under the warm blanket of a subscription service. A no-cost subscription service for top tier consumers that unlocks access to dozens, possibly hundreds of dozens of premium purchases available only to the most important users.