Get Surviving Mars - Deluxe Edition for Free

A new Humble Freebie is now available, as everyone now has the chance to pick up a copy of Surviving Mars - Deluxe Edition for free on the Humble Store. This is a bonus for those willing to sign up for the Humble newsletter, so if you are already a subscriber, all you need to do is claim your copy. This offer ends on June 14th at 1:00 pm EDT. Here's what to expect from the game once you get your ass to Mars:
Surviving Mars is a sci-fi city builder all about colonizing Mars and surviving the process. Choose a space agency for resources and financial support before determining a location for your colony. Build domes and infrastructure, research new possibilities, and utilize drones to unlock more elaborate ways to shape and expand your settlement. Cultivate your own food, mine minerals or just relax by the bar after a hard day’s work. Most important of all, though, is keeping your colonists alive -- not an easy task on a strange new planet.

There will be challenges to overcome. Execute your strategy and improve your colony’s chances of survival while unlocking the mysteries of this alien world. Are you ready? Mars is waiting for you.