Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy Early Access

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy has found its way onto the Epic Games Store, where this roguelite RPG is now in Early Access for Windows. The game also has an E3 2021 trailer showing off its distinctive visuals. Here's more from developer Ludomotion on the game and its "radical content generation:
Ludomotion, the small development team behind Early Access title Unexplored 2, "is aiming to create a new kind of RPG", says Game Director Joris Dormans. "Unexplored 2 is what you might call an adaptive RPG. It’s not just your character that ends up reflecting your choices. Through our legacy system, the entire game world adapts to your choices and style of play.” Talking about the generative nature of the game, Dormans explains: "We're way beyond exploring content generation techniques at this point, what matters now is the impact it has on the game's design. Something I call Radical Content Generation. We're using it so that the experience is always novel and the player is always driving their own story. It's almost like engaging with your own virtual D&D Dungeon Master." It's very complex and to get all the systems right on an individual level and have them work together to create this one giant game has been quite an undertaking.