Op Ed

  • Input - Summer Game Fest 2021 highlighted a huge problem in the gaming industry.
    "This is the same issue that my husband, who plays games every single day but would never identify as a 'gamer,' has when he’s looking for his next title: It’s a discovery issue. If Xbox Game Pass, which is an undeniable value in any dollars-for-entertainment calculation, is a random grab bag of whatever interactive content Microsoft currently has the rights to, showcases like Summer Game Fest are like drinking four Red Bulls and hitting shuffle on a Wal-Mart trip. A JRPG? Of course. A visual novel? Sure. A movie trailer? Okay! A discussion on the morality of Hitler vs. Fidel Castro by actor Giancarlo Esposito? I’m confused. Classical music? Wait, stop. Comedian and noted landlord Hannibal Burress fighting a demon with the WWE’s Ember Moon? Hold on, this has stopped making sense. Exactly two Overwatch 2 skins? Okay, how did we get back here?"