Nimoyd - Survival Sandbox Demo

A playable alpha demo is now available for Nimoyd - Survival Sandbox on Steam, offering the chance to draw a line in the sand in this voxel-based survival game for Windows in the works at Nudge Nudge Games (say no more). This is a small, self-funded indie project, but the developer says it has been attracting a lot of attention from publishers. Here's a Gameplay Overview Trailer that looks at about 20 minutes of footage, and here's the game's raison d'etre:
We are big survival fans, and we got a bit bored by how many survival games become rather boring mid to late game. So, with Nimoyd, we simply try a few ideas which hopefully push the survival genre a bit forward, away from the item grinding. We've added not only a life sim-like building editor with cute decorations like you have never seen before in a voxel game, hopefully, but also NPC nations and diplomacy, city interaction, as well as NPC friendship and marriage. On top of it, huge generated cities in which each building can be entered and destroyed; a generated dungeon crawl system will hopefully make the game stand out too, together with the NPC governor and an NPC family system. Additionally, the whole planet is an ecosystem that reacts to your actions, whether you are good (Gaia) or evil (Underlord). Multiplayer is in development too.