Dark Alliance Free Post-Launch Plans

Xbox Wire has details from Jeff Hattem, Head of Studio at Tuque Games, about post-release support plans for Dark Alliance following the launch of the Dungeons & Dragons game on June 22nd. Word is there are three content drops already in the works, two free DLC packs, followed by a full expansion called Echoes of the Blood War. Here are some details:
Free DLC 1: Wraiths
Our first planned DLC arrives this Summer (Winter for our southern hemisphere friends) and is free for everyone. This includes a new story mission over three levels, where you will battle a faction of Wraiths that are attempting to corrupt a forest spirit for their own gains.

That’s not all. We expect to add two-player split-screen play options to PC and Xbox Series X|S with this update.

Free DLC 2: Trolls
Our second planned DLC arrives this Fall (Spring in the southern hemisphere) and is also free for everyone. It will include a new story mission told over three levels. Trolls have invaded Kelvin’s Cairn and it’s up to you to eradicate them. This DLC will also add new challenge ratings to the game, giving you higher expert difficulties to overcome.

Echoes of the Blood War – Expansion
We’ll end the year with a large paid expansion Echoes of the Blood War. This expansion will add a brand-new, magic-using playable character to the game – the perfect addition to the party! Along with the new character comes a new storyline with new missions and new monsters.