Rogue Spirit Demo

Rogue Spirit is a stealthy roguelite action game in development at Kids With Sticks to be published by 505 Games later this year. The game will be showcased next week as part of the Steam Next Fest. But the game is getting a head start on that, as its time-limited demo is already available on Steam. The previously released Announcement Trailer shows off the project's anime sensibilities, and here's a description:
Rogue Spirit is a colorful and visually stunning 3D rogue-lite action game with light stealth elements developed by independent studio Kids With Sticks, a small but impressive team of industry veterans with AAA games development experience. This single player action-adventure game places players into the role of the ghost of the former Prince of Midra. Players must possess enemy characters and absorb their skills in order to free their land from a looming and ever-present evil. Inspired by Japanese and Southeast Asian cultures as well as popular anime tropes, Rogue Spirit looks to bring modern gameplay and fictional feudal Japan together in one visually compelling game.