Hell Architect: Prologue

The Hell Architect: Prologue is now available on Steam, offering a Windows sample of Hell Architect, an upcoming strategy/sim from developer Woodland Games and publisher Leonardo Interactive. The prologue has its own Official Release Trailer with a look at what to expect. Here's more on this chance to live in a hell of your own making:
In Hell Architect you're playing as, you guessed it, an architect of Hell. Your task here is to craft new prisons for the lost souls and sinners who have found themselves ‘downstairs’. Just like all good (or bad) big corporations, Hell is a tightly run ship and under the watchful eye of Lilith from the HR department, you must devise the most creative ways to squeeze as much suffering as you can out of the sinners who will be spending eternity in this hot spot. That’s not all. To climb down the corporate ladder, you must gain the approval of the greatest and most feared devils in Hell, including the head honcho, Lucifer himself, as they evaluate your hard work as well as your sense of aesthetics and thriftiness!