Knockout City Passes 5M Players

Electronic Arts announces that Knockout City has attracted over five million players since the launch of the multiplayer dodgeball game a couple of weeks ago. The game being free-to-play up to level 25 obviously helps boost that number. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for 'em. Here's word:

THANK YOU, brawlers, for making the Knockout City game launch and Block Party an amazing ten-day event that surpassed expectations! This party was unforgettable in many ways, and we’re so excited to see the support and positivity pouring in from you, our community! Since launch, we’ve seen 5 million new brawlers join us in matches, there’s been amazing— and unexpected— gameplay, hundreds of thousands of Crews were formed, over half a billion KOs landed, millions of hours of gameplay were watched, and—dare we say it?—thousands of friendships were made along the way. Who knew you could bond over hitting one another in the face with a dodgeball?