Breach Wanderers Early Access

When Henry V cried "once more unto the breach, dear friends," it didn't sound like a suggestion to "wander." But indie developer Baronnerie Games is proposing just that with the Early Access release of Breach Wanderers. This combines the unbelievably diverse genres of collectible card games and roguelike deckbuilders, as you can see in the Early Access Trailer. This is for Windows and mobile, and the PC edition is available on Steam. Here's more:
Breach Wanderers combines elements from Collectible Card Games and Roguelike Deckbuilders in a brand new way! Create your own decks and choose which cards you will see each time you enter the Breach! With an abundance of creative freedom, choose your hero, create your deck and upgrade your guild before setting off for a new adventure.

Core Features

  • Customize your Deck: Create your own starting deck and card pool before departing for a run. You'll never see a card you don't want to see! Breach Wanderers opens up a world of strategic possibilities to play with when fighting through the breach.
  • RPG Progression: Level-up your heroes to get them prepared for the challenges to come. You can further tune the game to your playstyle with customizable guild upgrades!
  • A Familiar Roguelike Experience: While you can choose how you begin a run, what awaits you in the Breach is different every time! Monsters, special events, items and challenges are all randomized, making every run a unique adventure!