Ken and Roberta Williams' New Game This Year

We have more on the recent news that Ken and Roberta Williams are returning to the world of game development. Here's an official announcement saying Sierra cofounders are working on a single-player game codenamed The Secret, which is appropriate considering how few details are included. For now The Secret - Game by Ken Williams is the home to the project, offering the previously released teaser video and a FAQ with what there is to know. This says Roberta talked Ken into a game that's more entertaining than educational and that Windows and macOS will definitely be among the target platforms. The whole game is said to be "there" but with scratch graphics. Ken says they are targeting a November release, saying they are pushing hard while admitting this "probably isn't realistic." Here's word on what's next from the pair of adventure game design legends:
Ken and Roberta Williams, two legendary developers in the history of gaming, are set to release a new video game that the creators say will be "Sierra flavored," in the same vein as early successful franchises like Kings Quest and the Leisure Suit Larry series, but for modern gamers.

The newest entry is preliminarily titled The Secret and will be a single player game that the developers say will be beta-tested by the end of the summer.

"Roberta and I have been asked for decades whether we would ever produce another game, and we have always firmly said 'no'. This changed when Roberta had a clever idea for a game, at the same time I am having fun learning the Unity 3D development environment, and I happened to be chatting with a talented 3D artist."

The 3D artist Ken refers to is Marcus Maximus Mera, who has a non-conventional background for game development. Marcus has designed pieces for Harry Winston, Van Cleef Arpels and Loreal USA. He has also collaborated on a jewelry collection with celebrated tattoo artist Paul Booth.

"I was always a huge fan of Sierra On-Line, especially the Space Quest games," said Mr. Mera. "As 3D design became more and more ubiquitous in the jewelry business, I immersed myself in the technology to make custom pieces for clients and that experience has led me here today."

The Williams' and Mr. Mera are collaborating on the game, with additional details, demos and screenshots to be released at a later date. The Secret - the Williams' first game in over two decades, has been in development for the past six months. Updates on the current status of the game can be found at: