Iron Harvest Operation Eagle Launch

Operation Eagle is now available as new DLC for Iron Harvest, KING Art's alternate history RTS game. This adds a fictionalized version of the United States to this fictionalized depiction of World War I. This can be downloaded for Windows from, the Epic Games Store, or Steam, depending on where you own the base game. Here's the Launch Trailer, and here's a bit on what's changed now that the Yanks are coming:
Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle introduces the new faction of Usonia and the sub-faction Arabia. The latest DLC features the full single and co-op campaign for Usonia, introduces the massive Usonia flying units, adds new multiplayer maps, and more.

The Operation Eagle add-on contains:

  • Usonia Faction with over 20 new units
  • Complete Usonia Campaign (single player & co-op)
  • Three new playable heroes
  • New playable allies from the Arabia faction
  • New flying units for all factions
  • New structures and anti-air defenses for all factions
  • New multiplayer maps

*Every Iron Harvest player will get access to new units, buildings, and maps via matchmaking.