Call of Duty Anti-Toxicity Progress Report

A toxicity progress report on the Call of Duty Website discusses efforts that have been made to eliminate toxic behavior in online Call of Duty games. Word is over 350K accounts have been banned for racist names or toxic behavior along with the implementation of several new in-game filters to assist in such efforts. The post also looks forward to other ways these efforts will continue going forward:
We will continue to increase our efforts in the following areas:

  • More resources to support detection and enforcement
  • Additional monitoring and backend technology
  • Scrubbing databases to bring systems up to current standards
  • Consistent and fair review of enforcement policies
  • Increased communication with the community

We know we have a long way to go to reach our goals. This is just the start. Addressing this is an ongoing commitment that we will not waiver from. We look forward to making progress on this front and coming together with you to share in the fun and joy of playing together.