Ships 2022 Announced

Games Box announces Ships 2022, a follow-up to the port management strategy simulation Ships 2017 that's coming to PC and consoles. The Windows edition will arrive first on Steam and the game will follow for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch. Word is: "As announced by the developers, Ships 2022 will offer an open world with ports modelled on real locations and the vast waters of the world ocean. The creators plan to provide players with various ships, including, for example, container ships, tankers, cruise ships, icebreakers and rescue units." Here's the Official Reveal Trailer and word on the game's two different play modes:
Ships 22 features two game modes. In the first, strategic one, your role comes down to broad-based management: you give orders to your employees and you have the last word on the units – their repair, upgrades, and load. You also decide whether and when to start expanding the port in order to increase its capabilities and profitability.

In the second mode, you’ll move from the managerial chair to the deck of the ship to personally lead the sea expedition. This is where Ships 22 changes from an economic strategy to an action/simulation game. Balancing between these two modes increases the immersion, diversifies the gameplay and doesn’t let you get bored.