Catsperience Released

Catsperience is now available for Windows on Steam, offering the chance to defy death to satisfy your curiosity over what it's like to be a cat. In particular, "a sarcastic tomcat addicted to catnip." This will allow the player to engage in two of the three favorite activities of a tomcat - destroying furniture and performing intricate experiments with gravity (the third activity is the essence of being a tomcat, but not very family friendly). Here are some fine feline factoids:
Are you curious what it's like to be a cat? This is your chance. Eat, sleep, be a jerk. Repeat. Oh wait, there is a problem. The food provider is missing, what will you do now? A blue-blooded cat doesn't hunt after all. Find him befur you will be in need of such a menial task.

Experience what it’s like to live like a real cat

  • Climb up the furniture, push things off the table and show that human who is the boss in da house.
  • The destructible items of the mansion are waiting for your devastating paws.
  • Hunt those pesky running squeaking meatbags.
  • Speak in sarcastic tone to be be a real aristocratic jerk.
  • Rest in cosy boxes, and feel the purrfection.
  • Be a smart cat and find out how you can get in and out of places where you don't belong.