UFO2: Extraterrestrials Nears

Chaos Concept announces UFO2: Extraterrestrials is on the release radar. This counter-UFO strategy/tactics game now shows a spring 2021 release window on Steam, and we're told it will arrive in "a couple of weeks." This is a long time coming, as this UFO: Extraterrestrials prequel was first delayed 10 years ago. At the time it was said to be due in March 2012, so it must have stopped for some cocktails at the Mos Eisley Cantina. The setbacks shouldn't be a great surprise, since the original game arrived 14 years ago after at least five delays of its own. Here's what to expect after all these years:
UFO2Extraterrestrials: Battle for Mercury

  • A fully 3D game combining real-time global strategy & air combat with turn-based tactical missions
  • A turn-based “I-Go-You-Go“ tactical squad-based game system
  • Interactive environments with destructible terrain
  • A large number of technologies, weapons, and combat units to develop
  • A large number of aliens to interrogate
  • Strong RPG elements where soldiers’ stats improve with experience
  • Dynamic lighting for intense fire-fights
  • Final Gameplay design and balance tweaks by the author of the popular original UFO: ET Bman Ease of Use Mod