Out of the Blue

I suffered a little comeuppance for my pride yesterday. I've mentioned I've become one of those people who took up cooking more during the lockdown, and I have basically been cooking every day. I recently remarked to MrsBlue how pleased with myself for how good everything has turned out, especially with the large number of experiments I've made with new dishes. Yesterday was one of those experiments, as I made an attempt at hash browns, something I had a failed go at a couple of years ago. The good news is half of them came out pretty well. The bad news is that I managed to burn the crap out of an omelet because I was paying too much attention to the potatoes. And I managed to leave the bottom of the sauté pan for the hash browns ridiculously blackened as well. So the while meal was not completely ruined, it left a pan in need of a maximum effort cleaning and the house filled with smoke. The lesson learned is that the hash browns are not as time sensitive as the omelets, so the next time I try them, I'll just make them first and let them warm in the oven while I cook things that are better fresh off the heat. Live and learn.

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