cyberpunkdreams Released

Steam now offers cyberpunkdreams, an interactive fiction RPG for Windows and Linux from Late Night Games. Here's the recently released release trailer. For more, this post has details on a week of livestreams that are underway to celebrate the launch. Here's a bit to help decide if this is the cyberpunk of your dreams:
The city is spread before you, horizon to horizon, a vast sore squatting on the world. 24 million people, most of it lawless slum and favela. The last outpost of civilisation on the edge of the badlands. One of the most relevant, cosmopolitan cities in the world. Is it any wonder you ended up here?

cyberpunkdreams is an evolving text-based role-playing adventure with countless opportunities, and endless chances for destruction. Take on the role of a lone wanderer sent to the gates of 2090s Cincinnati. The dirt and grit from the badlands coats your clothes - with your memories torn from you, all you have is a weapon across your back and a mission to complete.