Mass Effect Legendary Edition Released

As noted on the EA Website, the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for Windows and consoles, offering the chance to once again shepard your crew through the epic space opera trilogy. The PC edition is available on Origin and Steam. There is no launch discount or break for owners of the original versions of these games. Steam does feature an ME3 Owner Offer which gives a 17% discount to owners of Mass Effect 3, though this also includes a Mass Effect 3 N7 Digital Deluxe Edition upgrade which pushes the price past that of the Legendary Edition alone. Here's yesterday's Community Tribute Trailer and here's more on the improvements in the new edition:
One person is all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat it’s ever faced. Relive the legend of Commander Shepard in the highly acclaimed Mass Effect trilogy with the Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition. Includes single-player base content and over 40 DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3 games, including promo weapons, armors and
packs — remastered and optimized for 4K Ultra HD.

Experience an amazingly rich and detailed universe where your decisions have profound consequences on the action and the outcome.