Lumione Announced

Publisher Perfect World Games and developer Glimmer Studio announce Lumione, a puzzle/platformer set under the sea, where it turns out there is no shortage of platforms. This will come first to PC via Steam, and a Switch edition is expected to follow. The announcement trailer shows things off and offers an odd description: "The beautiful horizontal platform jumping game 'Lumione' officially opened an appointment today." The description from the announcement makes a bit more sense:
Lumione is set in a deep-sea world that is shrouded in darkness. The people of the sea struggle in fear for all they have lost. A light appears in the darkness that sends the tiny elves in search of its source as they seek to bring light into the long night.

Game Features

  • A gorgeously rendered game world built using the power of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Technology is focused on portraying a dynamic, ever-changing deep-sea landscape.
  • Players will encounter deadly traps and puzzles that must be overcome in the search for light.
  • Four chapters and hundreds of levels
  • Dozens of challenging mechanics
  • Continued development will add new features and mechanics via DLC