Galactic Civilizations IV Announced

Stardock officially announces Galactic Civilizations IV, a new installment in the 4X space strategy series coming next year to a galaxy near you. The Galactic Civilizations IV Website is online, offering a FAQ saying that while the official release is expected in 2022, an alpha should be released this summer. The Announcement Trailer offers a cinematic look and this page has lots of detail on what to expect:
Galactic Civilizations is a space-based 4X strategy game set in the 24th century starting when humans have discovered a faster-than-light travel called Hyperdrive. Humans and aliens compete for domination of our galaxy.

The player begins with only their home planet and must research new technologies, explore the known galaxy, colonize new worlds while keeping their people at home happy. At the same time, players engage in trade, diplomacy, intrigue and war with alien civilizations.