The Telos Monument Announced

DISTRAINT developer Jesse Makkonen announces The Telos Monument, a 2D psychological/horror coming to PC via Steam and possibly to consoles as well. It currently carries an estimated 2023 release window. Here's what to expect:
The Telos Monument is a highly atmospheric 2D psychological horror adventure game set in a strange and mind-bending monument, standing at the center of the dystopian world.

The world as we know it no longer exists. Electricity, food, and medical supplies are sparse. People from all across collapsed society make their way to the monument in the hope of redemption. The Telos Monument is a dark, mind-bending place where one can't differentiate reality and fiction apart.

Survive your way through the sinister and cryptic monument, filled with intriguing twists and characters.

  • A great emphasis on atmosphere and immersion
  • Side-scrolling 2D with unique, hand-drawn graphics
  • Embark on an incredible journey full of intriguing twists and characters
  • Immensely atmospheric music and sound design
  • Interact with nearby electronic devices with C.R.E.C
  • Explore the unimaginable monument and uncover its secrets