Demeo Released

Demeo is now available on Steam and the Oculus Store, offering an RPG from Resolution Games that uses virtual reality to create an authentic tabletop experience, with no tabletop required (though in fairness more people own tabletops than VR headsets). There are plans for a future update to add non-VR play that will support cross play between those playing on headsets and primitive types using monitors. Sadly, there is no Demeo Demo, so the Launch Trailer is as close as you can come to sampling what to expect. Here's a further explanation:
A dark force has taken over the underworld in the upcoming RPG dungeon crawler, Demeo, and it’s a world you’re not likely to survive alone.

Terrors and treasure await as you and your friends brave the corrupted catacombs of Demeo together. Choose your champions wisely in this cooperative game, for once you have ventured below you must conquer the nether floors or perish in the attempt. The ultimate outcome depends on your choices, and whether the dice are rolled in your favor…

Will you have the mettle to survive all the way to the end in this monster-infested turn-based game that will take game night virtual in 2021?