Blizzard Opposing Fox's Diablo TM

Speaking of court cases, A Notice of Opposition filed by Blizzard Entertainment contests an effort by Fox to register a trademark for Diablo, a name for which Blizzard owns three trademarks (thanks PCGamesN). The new trademark, apparently for pet-related products, would be based on a dog named Diablo from an animated sitcom called HouseBroken. The show is set to premiere at the end of this month. As Blizzard's complaint notes, this certainly gives them a claim to prior use:
Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. (“Blizzard” or “Opposer”), a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Delaware with a principal place of business at 1 Blizzard Way, Irvine, CA 96218, will be damaged by registration of the mark DIABLO shown in Application Serial Nos. 90/007447 and 90/007509 (“the Applications”), and hereby opposes the registration of each.

The grounds for opposition are as follows:

1. Opposer, through its predecessors, affiliates, licensees, business units and itself, has used the mark DIABLO to identify and distinguish in commerce interactive video games and computer game software and related peripheral and consumer goods and services throughout the United States and internationally. Opposer has used the mark DIABLO in interstate commerce on or in connection with the aforementioned goods/services since at least as early as November 12, 1996.