Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo and Timer Workaround Released

The Resident Evil Village Gameplay Demo is now available on Steam, offering the chance to learn that it takes a village to make a zombie. This was announced as a one-day demo, but Capcom Re:Versed course and announced this would be available for an extra week. In a further limitation, the demo is intended to only work for an hour. Word is: "This limited-time demo lets you experience a taste of the upcoming survival horror sensation, Resident Evil Village. Players will have a total of 60 minutes to explore both the village and castle. How much time will you spend seeking answers in the village, and how long will you brave the castle’s corridors to uncover its dark secrets? It's up to you." But like life, Steam users find a way, and this forum post outlines how to reset the clock on the demo (thanks VGC). Here's word on that:
1. Disable Steam Cloud for RE8 Demo
2. Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)
3. Delete Local Savefiles
(Located: D:\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\1541780\remote\win64_save\
Delete those Files.
4. Start Steam SAM
5. Select RE8 Demo
6. Remove Achievements and Stats, confirm.

If you run the Demo now, Timer is Reset to 1Hour.
You can do that in a couple of Seconds, i even wrote a small tool to do that for me...

Info: If you do not want to set the Settings again all the Time, Reset everything, start the Demo to Main Menu, change all Settings you need and Close the game.
No go to your Local Save and copy data00-1.bin (this is where those settings are stored)
Once you have to reset again, proceed as Step 3 and just add the data00-1.bin you saved to the folder.

Resets the Timer but keeps all settings you made.