VALORANT Voice Chat to be Recorded

Riot Games announces an update to its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service. Going forward all voice chat in VALORANT will be recorded for evaluation if reports are submitted about disruptive or toxic behavior in voice comms. The policy allows comm recording in Riot's other games, but the update says there are no plans at this time to do this for any game other than VALORANT. Word is to avoid having your voice recorded, you can turn off chat. Here's the summary of the plan:
We know reducing disruptive behavior is a complex problem that will require a long-term investment and many different approaches to address—particularly in terms of voice comms. There’s still work to be done on this longer journey but we’re committed to providing the social experiences that players deserve when they play our games. We’re exploring other approaches that we believe will improve in-game experiences and we’ll share an update about our plans in the coming months, but we believe that the ability to act on reports of disruptive voice comms is one of the first steps toward a community where we can all play together safely.