HUMANKIND OpenDev Access for Pre-purchases

Ampliteam announces the chance to play HUMANKIND to anyone who has pre-purchased the Windows and macOS historical strategy game through the Epic Games Store or Steam. There's a new naval OpenDev scenario, and pre-order customers can play this from the Neolithic era to the Early Modern era, or 150 turns, whichever comes first. This trailer shows off the new Victor OpenDev, while this video will help you get started with the scenario. More details can be found in this blog post. Here's an overview:
We've always believed that making the best games means involving our players at every step of the development process. Over the past months we've been giving players access to targeted slices of the game to gather feedback, via in-game surveys and our G2G forums.

Quite a few changes have been integrated since the "Lucy OpenDev" from last December. Players will be playing on a new fixed map with lots of water, so things will be more focused on naval gameplay (maps will be randomly generated in the game at release).

We've also integrated lots of changes based on the feedback we got during the Lucy OpenDev and are very excited for you to check them out!