Hoplegs Early Access

Hoplegs is now in Early Access on Steam, offering a first chance to play this Windows platformer from WhyKev. In Hoplegs you play as a square head with individually controllable legs to navigate levels. This is shown off in the recently released Early Access Trailer. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hop:
In Hoplegs you control a block with 4 legs to move around the level. Each button on your controller (or an assigned key on your keyboard) controls one of the 4 legs.

Hoplegs ships with 30+ levels on release. With its built-in level editor, players can create new stages with special features and a wide variety of objects, and share them with the community.

Hoplegs contains a long and difficult level that's only for the toughest players. Find unlockable items in hidden areas to customize your hat, face, box, and legs. You will be able to choose out of 20 legs - and more coming soon.


  • A sweet single player story in a medieval world
  • Build and share custom levels with the Hoplegs Level Editor
  • Compete against other players in the Leaderboard
  • Controller, Keyboard and Dance Mat support
  • Soundtrack made by Nathan Ross