Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Next Month

Frontier Developments announces that Elite Dangerous: Odyssey for Windows will arrive for Elite Dangerous on May 19th, opening a new era for the space exploration game. Console players will have to wait a bit longer, as their versions are now due in the fall, after last being expected in August. In Odyssey you'll be able to open the pod bay doors and odyssey from your spacecraft to explore planets and engage in tactical combat. It is available for pre-purchase from the Epic Games Store, the Frontier Store and Steam with an exclusive Pioneer suit skin preorder bonus. There is also still time to get the Deluxe Alpha Expansion from the Epic Games Store, the Frontier Store, or Steam. This includes the expansion, access an ongoing Alpha that ends on April 30th, the official soundtrack, and the Pioneer suit skin. A new release date trailer celebrates the news with a classic Bowie track (though we eventually learned that Major Tom's a junkie). Here's more:
Odyssey constitutes the most ambitious Elite Dangerous expansion to date, delivering on the promise of allowing Commanders to explore atmospheric planets on foot for the first time, taking on new missions, and engaging in intense tactical combat, expanding Elite Dangerous’ gameplay from the iconic cockpit experience players have come to know and love over the last seven years.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey players can customize their characters for ground operations with different specialized suits and gear options, including the Remlok Maverick scavenger suit for salvage missions, the Supratech Artemis explorer suit for exobiology investigation, and the Manticore Dominator combat suit for Commanders daring to enter the sphere of combat in the perilous Conflict Zones.

Independently of their chosen career path, players can meet with other Commanders in social hubs across the galaxy, where they can plan their next missions, form alliances, and acquire and upgrade their gear. This seamless integration of a finely detailed on-foot experience combined with the galaxy-spanning distances of the classic Elite gameplay results on a more wide-ranging experience for all Commanders to enjoy in their own style.