Orbital Bullet Early Access

Early Access to Orbital Bullet is now underway on Steam, offering the chance to take a spin with this 360° roguelite shooter/platformer for Windows. A new Early Access Release Trailer takes you full circle with a look at gameplay. Here's more to help decide if you want to take this for a spin:
German publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab Studio are thrilled to announce today the Early Access launch of their highly-anticipated award-winning rogue-lite shooter Orbital Bullet. Now available on Windows PC via Steam, Orbital Bullet introduces a genre-bending 360° rotating level design, providing a whirling and swirling high-octane guns-blazing action-platforming experience where you’ll need to play a deadly game of “ring-around-the-rosie” in order to outsmart enemies and dodge all manner of propelled perils.