Hotel Architect Announced

Swedish developer Pathos Interactive announces Hotel Architect, an upcoming simulation/management game based on the hospitality industry. A First Look Trailer includes some gameplay, and concludes by noting you can sign up for beta testing on the Hotel Architect Website. Here's more on this chance to become a famous architect like Art Vandelay from the game's Steam Listing:
Create your hotel from scratch! Design the layout and hire a construction firm that sends its workers to lay the foundation and rise your walls. You can then choose freely which activities to be conducted in certain parts of your establishment. Install amenities, place decorations and choose between different wallpapers and flooring. When your wallet is big enough, you are able to expand your hotel by buying new property lots. Prices may vary between lots depending on their location - lots directly adjecent to historic sites or other tourist attractions tend to be expensive.

Hotel Architect plays out on different locations all over the world, such as England, Paris, Amazonas, Egypt and Las Vegas. Each location has its own challenges with different guest archetypes. Knowing the costumers better than they know themselves is the key here. By adjusting the type of services provided you can effectively integrate into any environment.