20 Years of Tropico

Today Kalypso Media is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the release of the first Tropico game, as well as the 15th anniversary of Kalypso, noting the company launched in April 2006 with two employees (Kalypso now has 150 employees in four countries). The Tropico series allows the player to step into the boots of El Presidente and operate as dictator of the island of Tropico. Word is a special in-game celebration is underway in Tropico 6: "To celebrate the jubilee, El Presidente has ordered new free content for Tropico 6, including a Piņata Llama hunt, new in-game decorations, fireworks and of course, a sparkly golden palace for the player's El Presidente or La Presidenta to call home." Also, this post on Steam points the way to sale prices on several of the games in the series as well as various DLC packs. Finally, A 20 Years of Tropico Trailer is the icing on the cake for the festivities.