Apogee Returns to Publishing

The Apogee Entertainment website announces the company formerly known as Apogee Software is reasserting itself as "the original indie publisher." This includes the return of company co-founder Scott Miller, who answers some questions for GamesIndustry.biz. In this blog post Scott discusses the company's history, and offers this glimpse at its plans for the future:
Indie developers have never had it so good, with engines and tools and marketplaces and Steam and self-publishing! But there are still many many things an indie-focused publisher like Apogee can bring to the party:

  • Funding -- Money helps make better games, it helps people focus full-time on their passion rather than just do it as a side gig.
  • Marketing & PR -- How many great indie games don't reach their potential because the world just doesn't know about them?
  • Big Boxes -- Apogee makes sure collectors get what they really want, something amazing to put on their shelf and full of collectable goodies.
  • Porting -- If you are not releasing version 1.0 of your game on ALL platforms simultaneously, you're not doing it right.
  • QA and Localization -- The pros do it, so should indies.
  • Experienced Guidance -- We've been doing this for decades, and that kind of experience matters.