New AMD Drivers and AMD Link

AMD announces the release of new Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.4.1 Windows Drivers. These include fundamental changes based on user feedback, though they are still oddly called the "2020 Edition," despite everyone's desire to move on from last year. This blog post has details on what's new and different, including streamlined installation options, an updated UI, a new Record & Stream wizard, and more. There's also word on a Windows version of AMD Link that allows users to connect to their gaming PC from another PC "virtually anywhere" and to invite other Radeon users to connect to local multiplayer games. Here's an AMD Link video and here are the high points:
The latest release provides new and enhanced capabilities to deliver an immersive and complete gaming experience, including:

  • New AMD Link for Windows allows users to connect to their gaming PC from another Windows PC to game from virtually anywhere. The new AMD Link Game feature allows users to invite a friend to connect to their PC from another Radeon system to play games that support local multiplayer or split screen mode.
  • An updated user interface offers customized installation options. Expanded performance metrics and tuning allows users to view both Radeon graphics and Ryzen processor performance metrics from a single location.
  • Enhanced recording and streaming enables users to share their best gaming moments, and a new streaming wizard makes it easier for entry-level users to begin streaming.
  • Support for Microsoft PlayReady AV1 for Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards enables high-quality, protected content.
  • A new stability feature, AMD Crash Defender, ensures systems ‘stay alive’ and recover from crashes in select scenarios.