Out of the Blue

On my return from a walk yesterday, I startled a female duck that was by the left side of our outside stairs. I glanced down to see if her mate was also down there, and was startled to see her nest. As you can see in this picture the nest contains a full dozen eggs, so she's been one busy little duck. This seems like a bad place for this, as my comings and goings, as limited as they are, clearly disturb her. This is also overlooking a parking lot, which seems like a dangerous place for the littles once they hatch. But I think we're all just stuck with the situation. We have a light on the porch that shines on this area at night, so now I need to figure out if it's better to turn that off, or did she pick that spot because she prefers it that way?

Obituary: The Kingsmen’s Mike Mitchell, Guitarist on “Louie Louie,” Dies at 77. Thanks Neutronbeam.

Ducky Round-up
Thanks Ant and Neutronbeam.

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