Survive the Rift Early Access

Early Access to Survive the Rift is now available on Steam, offering a side-scrolling shooter for Windows inspired by 16-bit classics with some added roguelite elements. Here's a trailer with a look a description:
Survive the Rift is a roguelite shoot 'em up with procedurally generated levels, unlockable ships, and plenty of items to make each run unique. Inspired by classic 16-bit era scrolling shooters but with modern rogue-lite game mechanics.

Early Access Features:

  • Seven ships are available at launch, each ship offers a different starting weapon and stats
  • Over 70 items including ships, modules, pods, and weapons currently available in the Early Access build
  • Three fully playable sectors with multiple stages
  • The player can choose their own path, opting for a potentially easier route, or choosing a more difficult path
  • Levels are procedurally generated offering a significant level of replayability