Out of the Blue

So here's a weird thing that's been happening lately. My office is downstairs, looking out through patio doors to a view of the beautiful nearby pond. It's a treat to be able to look out and see the waterfowl do their thing. And apparently, vice versa. On four occasions over the past couple of weeks, I've been startled by knocking on the patio doors. And even more startled to look up and see that it's one of the swans! I assume it's the male, as it's the larger one, an he seems obsessed with trying to get in here, while his mate stands a little ways off watching. He pecks at the glass, and occasionally bites at the seam in the sliding doors like he's trying to find a way through. I've walked up to the doors to shoot video of his antics with my phone, and he does not seem bothered by my proximity in the slightest. I like to think he senses my love for animals, but that's pretty farfetched. But I've never fed the swans, so I really don't know what to make of this. Especially considering how little time they spend on land. The geese and ducks walk around all the time, but the swans seem to greatly prefer spending all their time floating in the water. The only time I see them on land is occasionally when they risk their lives to cross the road to get from the pond to the marsh. And of course now, when they come to visit me. Like I say, weird.

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