New ΔV: Rings of Saturn Demo

Kodera Software announces it has changed the Windows, macOS, and Linux demo for ΔV: Rings of Saturn on Steam. A demo was released last October with limited version of this physics-based space mining simulator. Now this has been switched for a full version of the game, and the only limitation is that the full version of the game is required to load your saved game. Here's a new trailer and the full explanation:
We’ve concluded that, having the whole product done, we want a gamer to see its quality, but not by playing the limited version. Therefore, ΔV: Rings of Saturn, a hard sci-fi, top-down physics-based space mining simulator is available for free on Steam for everyone.

Every update, all the ships, the whole plot - that’s what waits for gamers determined to solve the mysteries of Saturn’s Rings. You just need to download the “demo” shared on the Steam page.

What’s the catch? There’s just one. You can save the free version of the game, but loading the progress requires an update to the extended, paid version (well, it’s only 9.99 USD!). Persistent ones can give it the whole weekend to play without loading.