The Shattering - Secret Room Announced

Super Sexy Software and Deck13 announce Secret Room, a new free DLC for The Shattering that will be released on April 21st to celebrate the first anniversary of the release of this Windows psychological thriller. A Twilight Zone-inspired Announcement Teaser sets the mood for the announcement:
Super Sexy Software and Deck13 Spotlight released The Shattering nearly one year ago. For its anniversary, the developers have prepared a very special free DLC. The Secret Room is not your typical DLC but a live developer commentary. Players who have finished the game can unlock the new conent and give the game another try - this time with developer comments and information activated.

With The Secret Room players can get an in depth look at the creation of The Shattering. Think of this DLC as a playable making of, with developer comments and thoughts about the design processes. Why were decisions made, how was the process of implementing certain solutions?