Godstrike Strikes

Publisher Freedom Games and developer OverPowered Team have released Godstrike, a new boss rush, bullet-hell (heaven?) shooter available for Windows on Steam. Some of its hellacious gameplay is shown off in the Launch Trailer and here are a heck of a lot of details:
In a realm where remnants of a fallen divine power spend eternity fighting amongst one another, hope for the future is a thing of the past. Until the forgotten splinter of divinity, Talaal, emerges from obscurity with its Herald Yissia to stand against Talaal’s siblings and their eternal war.

Harness Talaal’s unfathomable powers and duel against twisted creatures and strange beings in multi-staged boss battles. Move quickly and strike true as the Herald Yissia, weaving through incoming enemy fire while blasting back and unleashing god-granted powers to alter the flow of each battle. Make every second of each battle count -- because in Godstrike, time functions as Yissia’s health bar and currency.

With each hit taken, Yissia and Talaal lose health and valuable seconds off the clock, making trading blows a dangerous proposition. And to complicate matters, each skill used drains the clock and the duo’s health, adding additional depth to each battle’s ballet of bullets. Outfit the Herald with an ever-expanding roster of skills and abilities in the form of blessings and occult boons that expand their powers at a cost.