Sky Fleet Playtest

A playtest for Sky Fleet is now underway on Steam, offering the chance to test fly this game from Enno that combines co-op shooting, tower defense, and base-building set in a city of floating islands. This is open to anyone with a Steam account, all you have to do is head over and request access. This post outlines what has changed since the previous playtest. Here's a Sky Fleet Trailer and here's what to expect from the game:
In Sky Fleet, you and your fleet of blimps try to defend your homeland against invading drones by teaming up with other players to gather resources and build the ultimate, impenetrable Cloud City:

  • Ammo Factories will keep everyone's ammo supply full.
  • Farms help you gather resources more quickly.
  • Shield Generators will protect your buildings.
  • Power Generators are essential – since they’ll power the whole city!

After you’ve gathered resources and built your city, drones will begin attacking in waves. Early on, your ship will simply not be enough. You can’t fend the drones off in combat – but turrets are beautiful things … and they sure love to shoot down drones!