One More Multiverse Announced

Multiverse, Inc. announces One More Multiverse, an upcoming digital platform to allow you to create and play and stream tabletop role-playing scenarios online. This is currently in closed beta preparing for release in Q3 of this year. Here's a trailer and here's what's up:
One More Multiverse is an online video game platform making it as easy as possible to make, play, stream, and share tabletop role-playing games. The platform includes a creator-focused marketplace for showcasing and sharing user-created content, from player avatars to adventure maps to entire rule systems! For every one person who plays tabletop games, there are ten more who would play if getting started was just more intuitive and One More Multiverse is being built to make digital tabletop games accessible to both types of players! Jump into your next adventure with friends, whether they're across the table or across the world, in a click with One More Multiverse.

Features of One More Multiverse Include:

  • A unique free-to-play platform that combines elements of video games and TTRPGs in a way that's friendly to new players but offers depth for more advanced game systems
  • A creator-centric platform that center indie game players and designers first
  • Built by a majority POC team of programmers, artists, and writers with experience in RPGs, graphic novels, and UX design
  • Less focus on rules, more on an engaging, improvisational, fun experience for both GMs and players
  • An inclusive experience — community practices like safety tools, sharing pronouns, body shape variation, inclusive character traits, and more, ensure a welcoming world for everyone