Space Grid Tournament Announced

Rookiez from Warsaw announces Space Grid Tournament, a robot fighting game coming later this year to Steam and later to Switch. As the name states, this is a battle for control of a grid, which can be seen in the Announcement Teaser. Here's a bit:
We are proud to announce our brand new game, the biggest one so far: Space Grid Tournament! This futuristic project lets you take part in the most spectacular sport of the future. Spawn your robotic players, fight to take control over every single tile of the field, and lead your team to glorious victory. Fast, tactical, and brutal, Space Grid Tournament will give you hours of fantastic sport emotions in both single and multiplayer modes!

Key features:

  • Brutal, futuristic sport you’ve never seen before
  • Fast, exciting gameplay, where you have to figure out the best tactics on the fly
  • Dynamic AI that evolves as you progress in the single-player mode
  • Full match setting, with the professional announcer, in-game billboards, and more!
  • Play solo and advance in the robust ranks system
  • Dominate the leaderboards in ranked games
  • Test your skills against friends in local competitive mode
  • Design totally new maps and share them with other players via Steam Workshop